“Automatic” Fuzzy Night Sky


I’d like to create a picture of the night sky. The material inside the picture frame will be fuzzy. Everytime someone passes by, the stars will “automatically” twinkle.  Maybe I can include a little jingle that plays in a 10 second loop as well.

One thought on ““Automatic” Fuzzy Night Sky

  1. Becky Stern

    What’s the ideal setting for this wall-hanging? In a gallery, in a child’s room, in the kitchen at PoD? What materials are you thinking of using to create your piece? I could see you going down a quilting route, a needle-felting route, or even a papercraft route (remember you have to use some sewing). To sense folks in front of the picture you’d probably want to use a proximity/motion sensor (Leif might have some as well): http://www.adafruit.com/products/189

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