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Mathematics has always been a riveting subject both conceptually and practically, for the longest time. On my way to practising design, I discovered an outlet into art based off of mathematics. We are going to make a ‘Harmonograph’ based on physical computing using an Arduino.

A “harmonograph” is a drawing machine that makes geometric patterns that are related to the frequencies of activity on (at least) two actuators. These can be made using rotating platters where the relative speed and direction of the multiple rotating platters controls the figure being drawn. Even a simple harmonograph as described can create ellipses, spirals, figure eights and other Lissajous figures.





Motion Glass



In this project, I used PIR (A passive infrared sensor) motion sensor to calculate your shower time. This is connected to an Arduino Wifi board that is inside of a clear acrylic case. The duration of your shower will be measured based on your motion and the shower record will be stored and notify you through your email/SMS/twitter account through the I have chosen to use SMS as my report method, but I can utilize many other options like. Instead of an Arduino Uno, I only used Arduino Wifi board called, adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266, to fit and run every component in this motion glass.

For this project, I had to set up the sequence to activate the timer and send the information to myself to remind me that I should save water by taking a shorter shower!


Here is link to my video:

Here is link to my instructable:


This is my version of the WORD CLOCK that uses Neopixels and Real Time Clock Module.

It changes the time every 5 mins and shows different colors at different times of the day.

This is a simple yet elegant clock to gift to someone or have it on your desk.

It is extremely simple to make.

Checkout my Instructable

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Smart Litter Box Sensor

If you have an indoor cat, you’re probably all too familiar with the litter box-changing process: You peek and sniff at the litter box, and if you encounter a grim sight or bad smell—it’s time to change the litter. Once you build your own smart litter box sensor, your cue becomes a blinking light and a text message. Much nicer, right?

Check out the video above to see it in action. And look below for some shots from the prototyping process.

1665_001_rtimg_4647_rtimg_4798_rtimg_4758_rtimg_4790_rtimg_478_rtimg_4786_rtimg_4795_rtrianna-chaz-2Want one? Find out how to make your own here!

Bibble: A Smart Desk Lamp for Roommates


The Bibble is a desk light designed to let your loved ones know where you are (or at least where you’re scheduled to be). The lantern can sit on their desk, softly glowing a particular colour, depending on whether you are at home, school/work, or out. It uses IFTTT integration to search for keywords in your Google Calendar, triggering your NeoPixels to change colour.

See the Bibble in action! Watch the video below:

Intrigued? Make your own Bibble, following the instructions in the Instructable here.

Real Life FLAMES

FLAMES reminds me of the game i used to play with my classmates being a back bencher!!!


Player 1 : holds the wire

player 2: holds the wire too…

The FLAMES machine gives a random generated color, that corresponds to different letters!

Here is the process:

It uses Capsense library to make 2 wires capacitive sensors. So when 2 people touche the wire it triggers the NEOPIXELS to animate and randomely generate the 6 colors!

The Final working :

Cheers! Enjoy the game!