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Kuan: watch dog (working in progress)

Watch dog is a device that can gurd your life in multiple ways. That’s how it works, firstly, you put something on the disc , and whenever anyone trying to take the thing away, it automaticly turn on the watch dog and starting shooting paper balls at that person.img_1073

So for start , i want to use a photo resister as the input device, and i found its hard to use it in the dark , and it’s really delicate.

So i changed it in to a level switch. which is easier to handel .


For the out put part, i use two leds, one toy motor, one toy luncher kit, mutiple gears, one servo motor and multiple resisters.


So, this is what i get so far!


Proposal: Draw your mood

Imagine we have a twitter mood light, connected to a mechanical arm which draws. I want to make this amalgamation of Arduino projects which detects and ‘senses’ the world mood and represents it via a drawing. After much deliberation and research, I feel that the twitter algorithm has changed(even though I have found a few, wherein this is possible) and it is not possible to tap into its data.

Another possible iteration is to make a device which captures emotions using the press of a button and at the end of the day draws an image based on the prominent emotion of that day. Example: There are a few buttons installed at the PoD, people press(Happiness, Anger,Fear and more), at the end of the day the device captures the most dominant ‘mood’ and draws( I think I have to manually put in the image I want it to draw, though.) a painting relating to the most dominant emotion.

This can also be captured using the Vortolight method which uses a service like IFTTT to reflect colours based on what people tweet about. Essentially instead of changing colour, I would like to ‘move’ the drawing handle in a way which relates to a tweet.

Example: I am angry today #red. This makes the vortolight go red, in the same manner, the robot will draw a little something over a prompt by the tweet.

I looked at a few drawing robots and this seemed the most viable/accurate in terms of using a MECHANIX kit and servos(besides regular electronics) whereas the twitter part is mostly coding and web services(and a wifi module which should not be as expensive, however, the one used in some cases is).


Looking forward to starting with this after your feedback!

Proposal : hyrdoTelegraphy


For my final project, I propose an alternative method for text messaging– the long distance transmission of textual or symbolic (as opposed to verbal or audio) messages without the physical exchange of an object bearing the message. This is not a message in a bottle nor is it achieved through carrier pigeons, rather it’s rooted in the early 1800’s developments in electrical telegraphy and mashedUP with the 1950 initiative SOSUS (sound surveillance system).

I will build a Hydro-Telegraphy Transceiver for use now and in a future time when people must gather at reserviors, lakes and calm bodies of water to ‘silently’ communicate to one another. Meanwhile, coast to coast, our nation is being outfitted with canals and aqua-ducts in place of defunct data comm and telephone wires.

From my sketchbook;


Beginning with existing hydrophones, which are listen-only devices, I want to add a means of broadcasting a language similar to morse code and possibly translating it to the user aurally as English.

Using Arduino controlled sensors and script functions:

  • piezoelectric sensor = input
  •  LED = output (possibly a electromagnetic speaker for translating code to English)
  • Arduino controlled actuators create a percussive ‘clap’ sound
  • One challenge is to determine if I can use existing software or code to translate morse code to spoken words, and another challenge will be to create a water-tight and simple devise.
  • One push-pull solenoid (
  • Battery case/sled for 12V supply

Links to prior similar work and/or tutorials:



Wearable Technique

For the final project, I want to design a wearable stuff that provide some interaction for users to play with.

until now I have 2 ideas, first one is a exoskeleton for arms, people can wear it when they do some out door activities. It can protect your body when you fall down, I am going to use the heart rate sensor to sense the heart beats, and use LED lights to show the blood speed, and the faster your heart beats, the faster LED blood goes. Also it can show your position when you do the night jogging and prevent you from hitting by a car.

The second idea is a helmet for people who love ridding bike or playing skateboard, it is a headphone at the same time, it plays the music and the LED lights on the helmet will follow the rhythm of the music to bump up and down. The sensor can catch the different frequency of the vibration. I’m not sure whether I can find the sensor like this.

Maybe I can combine these two ideas together to make it a fancy protection for biker or skateboarding people.ideas

heart rate link


Jiani’s idea for final project

I want to continue my Christmas suprise game box project last week, what I gonna do is make every hole have different reaction after people throw a ball in it, it can be a family game during Christmas.

There are four different reactions:

1.The Christmas tree will be bright

2.The Arduino can sing a song

3. There are two holes when you throw the ball in them the Arduino will say Merry Christmas to you

4.You will get a candy


So I already figure out how to make a functional gun-ball machine and draw a rough sketch of it in this image.

My question is there are three holes react sounds, one is play a christmas song, one is say “Merry Christmas”, how should I do this on one Arduino board, is that possible? I want to use weed switch on the sound part, so when I throw a magnet ball in the hole, the circuit can be connected, is there other sensor you recmmond that I don’t need to use a magnet ball but a ordinary ball?

About the coding, I can learn it by myself since we already had practice on CIRC-06.

Things I need to buy: some plastic material for DIY gun-ball machine.


A time thief from Jingting!

It’s sad to mention that we are always so busy every day. We have no time to sleep. We have no time to cook. We have no time to do the laundry. We completely lost our personal life.

I was always thinking about if I have 20 more minutes a day, what would I do? Maybe make a phone call to my mom? (She’s concerning about me but I don’t have enough time to share my life with her) Maybe keep a diary? Maybe just do a massage after a shower which makes me both healthier and happier?

!!! Stop daydreaming!!! If I have 20 more minutes a day, I’d rather sleep or doing homework!!!

So I designed a clock which has two modes. In the regular mode, the time is same with outside world. But for the stealing time mode, there is only 59 minutes in an hour, which means, after a hurry day, when you change your clock from stealing time mode to regular mode, you will have 24 more minutes to enjoy your personal life!

Feel happy? (Yes!!!)

I’m going to use an LCD screen for this project. I already have that in the sensor kit I bought from China! (It seems I also have a clock module. But I’m not sure how to use that.) After searching for some sample code on the internet, I’ll use millis to count time, and then print them out. I’m still a little bit not sure about which structure will I use. I’ll search them deeper tonight after posting the blog.

Sample code:


On Instructables, I also saw some awesome mechanical clock drove by a motor. I’ll also take them in consideration.

The problem I realized are:

  1. Is a battery can run a long time? Several passages I read mentioned about that.
  2. How to set up the time at the beginning?
  3. If the battery run out, how to reset time?
  4. Can I choose how many minutes I want to steal from an hour? If I don’t want my user to change in the code, is there any other ways to do that? Maybe from Bluetooth?

Where are all the Adyas?

I have a couple of ideas as of now and I am still unsure which one I would go ahead with. But I want to do a project connected to the internet and use servo motors to have some mechanical action. Here they are:
1.”Where are all the Adyas?” clock:
This one is inspired a bit from the Weasleys’ clock from Harry Potter which shows at a glance where all members of the family are. I have wanted to do this project 6-8 years ago when my mom would call me, my dad and sister always asking if we had reached school or office and if we had lunch. So my idea for this project is to have three sections on a “clock” named “work/school”, “home” and “elsewhere” and have four hands for each member of the family. The circuit looks for the location or each family member using their smartphones and using IFTTT, triggers a servo motor to move the hands on the clock to the appropriate location. I also want to add a way to let my mom know that I have had lunch/dinner. I haven’t quite figured out this part yet.
Here are a few links that I looked at for inspiration/tutorials:
2. 360 timelapse rig:
I want to create a camera rig to capture 360 timelapses of an object over time, like a flower blooming or food decaying (example). I would use the arduino and a servo motor to move the camera physically one step at a time based on a pre-decided interval and depending on which camera I am using and its battery life, when the battery is at 15%, it sends me an email/SMS to change the battery. Building the camera track I think should be relatively easy for me since I have built one in the past. But I am unclear how difficult or easy the arduino bit would be in this project.
Based on which project I decide to go ahead with, the parts I require will change. But I would definitely need a WiFi shield and a servo motor (may be more powerful than the one included in our kits).